Sunday, March 9, 2008

Plantation Friends

Well, we had raffles, we had Chinese raffles, we had modeling of various outfits, and more modeling and more modeling and more raffles. And a very good lunch, and two very good speakers, one of whom was yours truly, and the other was the vivacious Nora Charles (Death Rides the Surf, and others). Raising money for libraries (this one operated by the City of Plantation) is one of my favorite activities.

There was a great crowd, some of whom were rowdy in a pleasant, good-natured way.

It all took place on a beautiful afternoon (a cold front had just come through) and was held at the Fort Lauderdale Country Club, as seen below:

Did I mention the raffles?

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Anonymous said...

You seem to bring out the Rowdies no matter where your travels take you!