Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Calling a Copy Eddditor

I received this yesterday. Click on the cover to enlarge.

I like the image. It's much better than the hardback in my opinion. But...

Your thoughts?


Big Al (St. Pete, FL) said...

Boy...do you need a copy editor! How can we get copies before the corrections are made??

James W. Hall said...

Hey Al-- Better download it.


Big Al (St. Pete, FL) said...

Great suggestion. I just downloaded the image and then realized that not only was 'induglgent' wrong but it needs to be a 'hearty' stew of a thriller. Certainly a hale and hardy group of misspelling graphic designers at the old publishing house!

DigitalZen said...

Image si; copy, no!

Subtle eyes. Nice.

Dean said...

Nice image and colors. Hell's bay was a good read.

In the modern age of various MS Office, email, and google "spell checker", I'd have thought that that particular book cover would not have gotten through the cracks.

On the bright side, it's something unique and a conversation piece for years to come. Most readers will probably never even notice it.

If they'd have mispelled "Hell's Bey" ... you might have had a serious gripe because of search engines.

Keep up the great stories!

C.L.J. said...

Heck, iduglge them in their errors; their heartly noticible.