Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nukular Gamble

I like the glasses. Reminds me of my second grade teacher, Miss Wallace. What a crush we all had.

Wonder if Miss Wallace is available to be VP. I know she could cite a few supreme court rulings beside Roe v Wade. And I know she reads a couple of newspapers and a few magazines.

And I've got no problem with John McCain's gambling. I agree with this casino guy.

But come on. Share the codes with the First Dude? That's a risk I wouldn't like.

I've tried to give this wolf thing the benefit of the doubt. But it's hard to imagine that even Cheney would go that far. Sharks are predators too. But do we let anyone shoot sharks from planes? Shoot anything from planes? Maybe a few Taliban, but bears and wolves? This is starting to give me some serious creeps.

Here's what she said in a recent New Yorker profile:

At one point, she said, “We love our polar bears.” She had just got through explaining why she opposed a ban on aerial wolf shooting. In the past decade or so, Alaska’s voters have twice rejected this practice—the chasing and gunning down of wolves from small planes—and on both occasions the state reauthorized it. Now the anti-wolf-shooting crowd had forced a third referendum on the issue, and Palin, who kept a pair of wolf pelts hanging on her office wall, behind a cradle swing for Trig, was keen to see the initiative fail.

“It’s not aerial hunting,” she claimed. “What the state has been engaged in for the past four to six years—and I support—is predator control.” Shoot the wolves, she said, and moose and caribou herds will increase, providing more food for Alaskans. That was the argument: “Let the people who live off those herds not buy and import meat.” In Alaska, a state that is equivalent in size to a fifth of the continental United States and doesn’t have much agriculture, such self-reliance—hunting or fishing to feed yourself and your family—is known as subsistence, and subsistence is widely held by Alaskans to be a fundamental right. “It’s an emotional issue,” Palin said.

You can read the rest of the profile here.

Yeah, it's an emotional issue. I agree with that part.

Like a Republican speechwriter said about her, (from the Washington Post today:

"She's perky, she's spunky," says Republican speechwriter Landon Parvin, who has written for both Presidents Bush. "She has this quality -- in a 1950s comedy, her father would call her 'Button.' "


"This allows her to get away with murder," he says.

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Anonymous said...

We love to shoot them sharks from our small planes here in Florida. It's very tricky, quite difficult and a great sport. In a school of 100 you'll be lucky to get one. Just don't get caught!! Our Gov., "Chaingang Charlie", doesn't support this particular recreational activity.