Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Glad to know there's a Good Republican Idea. Even if they disavow it now.

I keep hearing that this is just a natural cycle. It's happened before.

Don't worry about it. Our grandkids can solve it.

Don't worry, be happy. There are plenty of people who can refudiate all these dire forecasts. Including one who believes she's Shakespeare's equal.

Unfortunately almost all of them are basing their opinions on financial impact of regulations, not science. It costs too much to save the planet.

Oh, yeah, and there's that great anti-global warming argument that a few of you have commented on here: Al Gore lives in an energy wasting house.

So, in a few years we'll be buying our windmills and solar panels from China.

At least they'll be cheap.

In case you want to do something there's always a call to your friendly congress person.

Oh, hell, maybe I'm just being an alarmist.

I think I'll go pick some blackberries in our secret spot. They're a month early this year. I wonder why.

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