Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Books and Books: Twenty-five Years and It Never Gets Old

Mitch Kaplan gave me a wonderful introduction last night. There is, as Mitch discovered, another James W. Hall, a former military guy who turned spy against the US, and is now serving time in prison. Apparently some websites on the Internet have conflated the spy and me. Pretty funny.

Mitch reminded the audience that he's been in the independent book business for 30 plus years and he and I have been doing this song and dance for most of those. Thank god for that.

The photos of the event were taken by my friend Michael Stern. Sternphotos.com. Check out his amazing website. He's a great nature photographer, specializing in Florida. But occasionally he'll come indoors and snap the wildlife running around in the stacks.

This is Mitch Kaplan and me sharing the podium.

And here I am promoting my short story collection. Available for your Kindle or Nook.

Here are some interesting readers getting their books signed. I've got great fans. So smart, so funny. They don't let me get away with much.

Here's some of the audience. This shot taken by Evelyn, my lovely wife, who had one of the funniest lines of the night.

Another shot by Evelyn. Taken on the iPhone, so it's kind of blurry. So many friends, and neighbors came out on a Monday night to share a couple of hours with us. It was a great party.

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