Friday, October 3, 2008

Post Debate Analysis

Who won? A fair and balanced sampling:

From Joe in Bumnut, Iowa:

"The Barracuda, man, you betcha. She ate his tonsils."

From two of her constituents:

Thunk and Thud Hammerschmidt:

"She ripped his eyeballs out."

From Sarah's second grade teacher, Miss Snakey:

"I see sweet Sarah's still using her cheat sheet."

From the Cleaver family, staunch Republicans:

"She mentioned Ronald Regean five times, so we love her."

From three Fox News Anchors at post-debate party:

"What she absolutely said was nothing that approached gibberish or made sense which was exactly the tactical strategy given the bias of the entire proceedings which she had to suffer gender bias and elitist East Coast nosepicking. She won hands down."

From everybody else:

"This lady wants more powers than Dick Cheney?! I'm moving to Canada."


DeanWO said...

East Coast Nose picking? (huh?)

Hey, aren't those 3 fox news anchors Jewish? And drinking vintage 1950's manischewitz?

I'm making light of the coming lottery night, but I've realized that I am turning into a flip-flopper more than I thought .. based on who may actually get my vote. Just the thought of Palin getting to the presidency by default, or by a stroke (sounds more like golf), gives new meaning to those lottery stories about people/families who went from rags to riches, and then lost it all again. The difference is that she's running a country. And OF COURSE she never knew about the troubles Sen. Ted Stevens was in. What a strange coincidence to both be from alaska.

Anonymous said...

James W. Hall is moving to Canada in November.

I think Thorn would love a strong woman like Palin. He never struck me as a big goverment kind of guy.