Monday, October 27, 2008

Writer's Conference with Dennis Lehane and Other Stars

Here's Kimberly Standiford trying to herd cats, ie writers. Debra Dean, Peter Meinke, Cindy Chinelly Dan Wakefield, Dennis Lehane, Les Standiford, and Tristan Dufresne (John and Cindy's son). Campbell McGrath (our fine poet) walks up at the last moment. Yours truly was filming the moment, so I'm not in this one. We're all about to go in to hear Dennis give a funny no-nonsense talk on fiction writing.

Dennis was our student in the long long ago. I, for one, can take no credit for his success. He was an excellent writer when he arrived in our program back in the early 90's and he went on to develop into a very fine writer indeed.

And here's a still photo of the same group. There I am at the end of the line. (you can always click the photo for a larger view)

It was a fine five days in Hutchinson Island. About 50 participants came to the conference and heard some very fine readings, and classes on a whole range of subjects.

Though it rained most of the time and was windy and dark, (we Floridians call this atmospheric), I didn't hear anybody complain.

Great food, and some funny evenings spent in excellent company.

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