Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rose Bowl Travel Guide

My friend, Paul Levine, the novelist, TV writer, stand-up funny man, and winner of "The Best Damn Hair Anywhere" award for 2008, has written a travel guide for LA, just in time for the Rose Bowl. His precious Penn State Nittany Lions are playing OJ Simpson and the USC Early Release Felons.

Paul is the one with the 500 dollar haircut.

In this guide to the cool places around Los Angeles and warnings about the driving habits of LA residents, I gather that LA is a lot like Miami. It's funny. As all Paul's stuff is.

Paul has a new novel coming out soon. You can read an excerpt here.


Paul Levine said...

$500 haircut?
My barber and my lawyer will be in touch!

Paul Levine

Dean said...

Same barber as John Edwards, eh?

The sad thing is that Jim put you next to O.J. ... but the smile says it all. better to hug the babes than the bars.

Dean said...

If they ever do a movie about O.J. ... my money is on Danny Glover taking the lead role.