Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saving General Motors

Okay, here's the plan:

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As a left wing radical loony anti-capitalist socialism-loving liberal, you might think I'm rooting for nationalizing General Motors. No, that would be incorrect.

I'm all for letting this turkey fail. I know it'll do major damage to the economy. People will lose their jobs. My 401K which is already a 201K will be a 001K. OK. But enough is enough. If the taxpayers must shower cash on some industry, let's pick one that might actually succeed. That might actually build something suitable for the 21st century.

My grandmother drove a Hudson Wasp.

I remember spending a lot of time in the back seat of that car. It felt like riding in a submarine. This week I was in the back seat of a GM product and had flashbacks to that old Hudson. 15 miles per gallon highway, tops.

The Wasp was a dinosaur when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Gas was 22 cents a gallon, and there was an infinite supply of it, or so we thought. The Hudson died and the world moved on. At least most of the world moved on. GM didn't move all that much. Riding in the back seat of that GM SUV this week convinced me. Let these guys go to the same tarpit where the fossilized remains of the Hudson Wasp lies moldering.


Anonymous said...

In lieu of his Hell's Bay ordeal, couldn't Thorn help GM, Ford or Chrysler somehow?

Anonymous said...

many people reluctantly purchased big cars to protect themselves against other bigs cars powered by reckless -bit not wreckless- cellphone wielding leadfoots