Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book Tour

Home from Phase 1 of book tour. Will give a full account later, but here's a nice review I collected along the way.

In the Dallas Morning News.


CLJ said...

As I was getting kinda shaggy once again, I hopped on my ten speed and pedaled out Las Olas Boulevard to get my hair cut. My barber shop has been around awhile, part of what I call "Travis McGee's Fort Lauderdale." Two doors down, the News Stan had a sign out front: "LOCAL MYSTERIES BY SOUTH FLORIDA WRITERS."
It was a humble offering; 2 shelves of books. There were a bunch of Tim Dorsey books, about a third of McDonald's McGee series in paperback, and the crowning glory: one hardback copy of SILENCER.
I'm feeling righteously smug about buying a mystery set in South Florida by a South Florida author, sold by an independent South Florida bookstore.

james hall said...

Good for you, CLJ. Major karmic benefits.