Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Newspaper Review of Silencer--A doozy

You can read here the first newspaper review of Silencer.

Oline Cogdill spotted a feature of the storyline that I knew was a big storytelling risk. I kept Thorn in a very static situation for a long section of the novel. He's being held captive, trying to escape, but he only manages an inch by inch movement out of his predicament. And it takes several chapters before the problem is resolved.

The writing challenge was to keep all that engaging by using a lot of small details while slowly ratcheting the suspense, then throwing in some surprising setbacks along the way. Thorn makes some progress toward escape, then has to pause and consider the next hurdle and find some creative solution to the next issue. It was fun to write that section, but I did worry that some readers might grow weary of the incremental movement.

So many writers have their heroes zip from one scene to the next, solving every new crisis with superheroic ease, (and I've done that a lot too), that I just wanted to try something a little different. Glad to see a reviewer noticed and approved.

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