Monday, July 14, 2008

Paradise Lost, Again

Here are some pretty pictures, and some not so pretty.

And this from the Miami Herald on the Time Magazine Article.

And Time's view.

Despite all this, there are several hit TV shows set in Miami, Hollywood movies set in South Florida, and countless novelists mining the landscape. The fascination persists.

I watched a few episodes of "Burn Notice" in the last couple of days. It's produced by Terry Miller, a former student of mine, and friend. He grew up in South Florida and he really captures an aspect of the place, its sexiness, its goofiness, its danger, its intriguing qualities.

Don't put South Florida in the body bag yet.


andie said...

one of the reason i love burn notice is it does capture the feel of s. fl. its a wonderful place

dwo said...

Interesting that Terry Miller is a former student of yours. Putting that eDuCaTion to work!

Looking forward to next season (to come out on DVD) and hoping the writers are on their mark.
(.... that beautiful water)