Friday, November 7, 2008

Art by Liza Leigh Colmes

I came across this wonderful piece of artwork on my friend Geoff Colmes' website (which you can find here). It's done by his daughter and it expresses something wonderfully viceral and urpy about the modern world as seen through the eyes of a youngster. Anything can be beautiful. Anything can be turned into art. And check out that spew projecting from the lower right hand corner. Like incoming tide clashing with outgoing.

(click to enlarge)

Art by Liza Leigh Colmes

Any art critics out there tempted to interpret this?


Joanf said...

What a wonderful image! That's not vomit! Those are words silly! Pictures paint a thousand words but words can paint a picture...those words are coming out of dear Mother Nature's mouth as she pours herself on that little monkey-man who is causing a little chaos. And the spew coming in from the bottom is obviously the natural flow of life. The spermlike objects and the floating skulls represent the circle of life. It's all plain to see. Or not?

Big Al (St. Pete, Fl) said...

What does 'urpy' mean??

James W. Hall said...

As in urp, or throw-up.