Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Vant Another Drink

You've read the book, seen the movie. Now for the real bloodsucking.

Is this the Twilight of Capitalism? In eight short years (well it seemed very long to some of us) we've gone from 'free and unregulated markets know best' to quasi-socialism: state sponsored banks and insurance companies and probably soon, auto companies and, well, who knows what next? Authors? Yeah!

Can I have my hundred mil now, please.

And the fallout of the bailout is now officially hitting the book biz.

And the magazine biz.

And of course kiss your newspaper good-bye. But that's another story.

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Dean said...

I didn't vote for O. But, I also didn't vote or W either.

Either way, it's nice to get the W out of the White House. (pun intended, I guess) Hopefully the blood letting will at least slow down, maybe Paulson and Bernie get lasso this monster, hit the brakes (and printing presses) and let the pieces fall where they may (a .. yeah. right.) Like mentioned about GM ... I agree, let'm meltdown. And, those cute lil' SMART cars running around? For that size AND price? They should be getting 50+ mpg CITY. False advertizing IMO.