Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unpardonable Turkey

On this turkey's watch the US has lost spectacular quantities of wealth. So have I. So probably have you. Part of the problem was that there was "no watch."

Yet the bailouts and pardons are being handed out left and right. The "midnight rules" are being printed up to leave the gates wide open for even more rapacious activity. One more thing Obama's people will have to clean up.

Remember how people howled when the Clintons supposedly clipped a few items from the White House on their way out. Compare that to what this gang of Mongols has done. They stripped the treasury.

And either they watched it happen and approved, or they were so totally incompetent that they didn't know the looting was going on all around them.

So this holiday season, I'm thankful I can still afford a tankful.
I'm thankful it's almost January 2009.

I only wish I'd kept that printing press
my parents gave me as a child.

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