Sunday, February 17, 2008

Catching up on the Blog

Home from the road for a while, so I'm going to try to catch up a little on the blog.

Here's a nice review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, written by the excellent Les Roberts:

Award-winning author James W. Hall takes a fascinating turn with Hell's Bay (Minotaur, 306 pp., $24.95). His reclusive series protagonist, Thorn, leads a fishing party into the Florida mangroves and unknown lakes of Hell's Bay, where he discovers his clients, the obscenely wealthy John Milligan and his adopted daughter Mona, are actually his closest relatives. What's more, Milligan's mother, Thorn's grandmother, has been murdered.

The killer is out on the lake, waiting for them - one of the scariest villains I've ever encountered. Even more fascinating is that Thorn has to face the Milligans' haunted secrets while attempting to save his own life. "Hell's Bay" is one of the more personal crime novels, and Hall writes it as well as anything he's ever done.

And just to spice up this post, here's a shot of Jim and Jim. Hall and Born. W. and O. This was taken in Circle Books, the great store in Sarasota (St. Armand's Key). Jim had a signing just after mine. His fans all seem to wear Gator T-shirts and have shifty eyes.

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