Monday, February 4, 2008

Geoff Colmes

Hell's Bay is dedicated to Geoff Colmes, my friend, and a great backcountry guide out of Islamorada.

This is Geoff:

And these are photos of the "Mothership" a custom-designed shallow draft houseboat that plays a very large role in the new book.

And here's a slightly more ominous view:

You can learn more about Geoff and the Mothership here

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GWC said...

Well all I can cay is thanks James.

Not often that I have had a bestselling author dedicate novel to me. For that matter, I've never had a novel dedicated to me period... except for a few honorable mentions.

Thanks again and best of times on the Hell's Bay Tour. I'll be available if you need some local input on the inevitable movie production following the novel!