Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's a Fun One

John Hood, that man about town (Miami and all of South Florida) just reviewed Hell's Bay for And here's the opening of the article, a tease:

Fishing Expedition

In James W. Hall’s Hell’s Bay, somebody’s gonna get bit

By John Hood

Here’s the setup: An iron-hard dame and her recalcitrant ex-lover pilot a tricked-out houseboat into the thick of the Everglades’ still surprisingly primordial 10,000 islands. On the craft: the dame’s slow-witted brother (who happens to be a master chef); a blowhard captain of industry and his cantankerous daughter (who happen to be at each others’ throats) and a big-city travel writer and her large-mouthed lensman (who happen to not give a shit about anybody but themselves).

Sounds idyllic, right?


This is James W. Hall we’re talkin’ ’bout — a cat whose tales are far from idyllic. And this is Hell’s Bay (St. Martin’s, $24.95), the place where the swamp secretes a very special something.

Read the rest of it here.

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