Friday, June 20, 2008

Evelyn's Garden

Evelyn's vegetable garden this year is progressing nicely. No hail storms yet have come to shred it. Though there have been some pretty fierce storms, including hail higher up in the mountains, we've had a good growing season so far.

Here's the garden again just lately, a month after the first clip. Ah, solar power.

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rorosen said...

Very nice cozy shape to the garden. We tore out a similar sized chunk of lawn for our garden this year. Is the block wall there to thwart groundhogs? We are using a small fence in addition to a device called the 'scarecrow' whose heat sensor triggers a blast from the hose. So far we've wet more skin than fur.

Don't hesitate to zoom onto those veggies. There's panoramic and then there's 'behold the blossoms and fruit".