Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seven Words--R-Rated

The wonderful world of words. Watch a master at play.


Anonymous said...

We will certainly miss him!

Carol said...

Loved him ever since the hippy-dippy weatherman. I read somewhere that he wanted his tombstone to say, 'Gee, I was just here a minute ago.'

Mary Beth said...

Dear Mr. Hall,
I just disco0vered your books about two months ago, and am "hooked bigtime"...I think I have read all of the Thorn books, except the one with the gorillas in it. (I truly cannot abide reading about any form of animal cruelty)

You are now one of my favorite writers, along with Lee Child, James Lee Burke, Vincent Bugleosi and a few others.

I love Thorn and Sugar! What a team they make! I will miss Lawton very much.

You have a lovely wife. I wish the two of you much happiness, and continued success with your books.

Best Wishes,
Mary Beth Haguewood