Thursday, June 26, 2008


No problem here, boss.

It's all just an Al Gore-generated myth.

And there are those who aren't concerned. For them, the beat goes on:

The hoax exposed:

Ah, politics. Our government is certainly looking out for us.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to the glass bottom boat rides over what once was Miami! Will you keep us posted on when they become available?

Carol said...

And make sure Thorn doesn't make his flys get caught in the buildings.

Anonymous said...

How many trees are sacrificed in the publication of an average sized novel?
What is the publishing world doing to rectify this raping of the forested world? What alternatives are available for tree hugging authors?
Isn't this deforestation caused by all of the print media responsible for global warming?
Shouldn't publishers be held accountable somehow?

James W. Hall said...

I'm glad to see I have such serious minded readers. I'm only going to be able to let one or two of you into my post-apocalypse bunker, so you better start trying to be polite to me.


Anonymous said...

Imagine the fantastic scuba dive trip/experiences over South Beach and the submerged areas of Miami and environs!!

Anonymous said...

So the world really is flat!