Friday, May 16, 2008

Buddha Dog

Our dogs undergo an amazing transformation in the summer. Up here in the cool and quiet mountains, all three cavaliers seem calmer and more engaged in the Zen of the moment.

Stella has a special fondness for one of the boulders on our property. She warms herself on the rock and gazes around the area with a leonine regalness. She becomes a Buddha dog. Unflappable, observant, totally into the moment.

This boulder was also a favorite for another of our dogs,Sophie, the great dane.

She used to lie down on the exact same spot where Stella now takes her place. A throne of rock. These days Sophie is roaming the meadows of the next world, but we feel her presence whenever Stella takes that position and gazes around the landscape.

Here she is:

Here's Maggie and Carrie indoors, also striking a peaceful pose:

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