Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Here

It's heeeeeeere.


Anonymous said...

Here you go again! Consult with Rush Limbaugh and some of the conservative right before you swallow Al Gore's nonsense.

James W. Hall said...

The scientific assessment by the U.S. Climate Change Science Program, which was commissioned by the Agriculture Department and carried out by 38 scientists inside and outside the government, provides the most detailed look in nearly eight years at how climate change is reshaping the American landscape.


Rush Limbaugh?

Rush doesn't have to worry about rising seas. The guy's a bloviating flotation device.

Anonymous said...'re letting that Southeast Florida democrat run a bit wild.
Mostly cyclic climatic shifts, different jet stream current patterns as well as ocean current and temperature phenoms can explain many of Mr. Gore's assertions.
Doesn't he live in one of the largest carbon footprint mansions in Tennessee??
And, isn't this an election year?? Get us all terrified so you can enact some more costly government programs to help us lead our lives!

James W. Hall said...

Yeah, yeah, you and Rush are right, it's cyclical. Take a good look at the last 400 thousand years: