Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Morning Rituals

I took the camera along today on our early morning rituals, and this is the result.

I was up at 4:30, which is pretty normal for me. About the time my university students are going to bed. I wrote for an hour or so, then Evelyn and I headed out for a run on the Greenway Trail in Boone. It's the only flat running I do all week. The rest of the week we run at Moses Cone park where the trails are fairly steep, maybe a thousand foot change in two to three miles. We usually go up for the first half, down for the second. Those endorphins are really kicking in on the last twenty minutes or so.

It was in the lower 40's here today, a cloudy start to what is turning out to be a beautiful day. The hardest part of this run on the Greenway Trail is that it's all on asphalt. The pounding is pretty hard on the joints after six days of running on nice soft pine needle paths.

But the trail is pretty. You'll see the path meanders beside the Wautaga River. There are three bridges to cross, and nice meadows. That early in the morning (about 6:30) there were only a couple of other joggers. And it was cold for this Florida boy.

After the Saturday runs we usually go to the farmer's market where you can find some great locally grown produce and baked goods. Featured in the hello-blog section below are a couple of the wonderful women we've gotten to know over the last few years. The first sell goat cheese that's absolutely wonderful, and the second makes whole wheat bagels (cinnamon and raisen are my favorite) that makes our Saturday morning breakfast the best of the week. We also buy fresh eggs and great strawberries and salad greens.


Big Al (St. Pete, Fl) said...

Never thought I'd live to see the day when seemingly normal adults actually say "hello" to a damned blog.
Worse yet, I enjoyed watching it happen!
What a long, strange trip it has been indeed.

James W. Hall said...

Yeah, Big Al, my wife said the exact same thing.