Monday, January 7, 2008

Cover Art

Cypress swamp:

Do I have any input on the cover art? Not usually. Sometimes I'm shown what amounts to be the final decision and I'm supposed to say, "Great, I love it." I usually do. I wish I'd had more say on the art of Hell's Bay. It shows a part of the Everglades that is filled with cypress trees. True, there are cypress swamps within the Everglades. But not any around where I was setting the novel. Is that too picky?

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Anonymous said...

They have to allow you more artistic license when it comes to things like the cover of your own novel! For God's sake, file suit...start a picket line...form a Mystery Writers Union....hold up publication by laying across the printing presses! The cover must jive with the contents! That cypress stump cover belongs on a Jonathon King novel.