Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another early review of Hell's Bay

Does anybody read this stuff? Does anybody care? I read the good ones and forget them pretty quickly, but with the bad ones, well, they tend to rattle around in my head for a while. At least until I've written a few good pages to wash it all away.

This is from Publisher's Weekly

Hell’s Bay
James W. Hall. St. Martin’s, $24.95
(320p) ISBN 978-0-312-35958-4 Edgar-winner Hall
(Magic City) puts a Southern gothic twist on his latest
Florida thriller to feature his iconic hero,
Key Largo beach bum Thorn. While helping
old flame Rusty set up a houseboat
deep in the Everglades as a fishing spot for
tourists, Thorn becomes entangled in the
intrigue surrounding the murder of Abigail
Bates, a wealthy land and mine owner.
Soon after, one of Rusty’s first customers,
John Milligan, confronts Thorn and claims
to be Thorn’s uncle, making him face old
family secrets possibly connected to Bates’s
murder. Thorn’s detective friend, Sugarman,
at Thorn’s request, starts making possibly
dangerous inquiries into the crime.
The appeal of this multilayered novel lies
in the authenticity of its evocation of the
Everglades, along with a slow-burning plot
that kicks into high gear when Thorn and
Rusty’s guests, cut off from the outside
world by sabotage, are hunted by Bates’s
killers. The result is another compulsive
page-turner from a master of suspense.

Ho-hum, just "another compulsive page-turner..."

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