Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thorn at the movies

From time to time people ask who I'd like to see play Thorn in the movies.

Well, of course the answer is........

But I guess Jeff Bridges was my original image. Though given Hollywood's addiction to youth, he'd be way way too old these days to carry a movie.

Still, I like him.

Some of you once suggested Owen Wilson. I can see that he's right physically, and he's certainly got that tortured soul thing down.

There's also that guy, Matthew. Now he's got the wry humor Thorn sometimes has. But is he capable of brooding? I don't know.

But old Nicholas Cage, now there's a world class brooder.

Other suggestions?

Or better yet, have your studio head call my people.

P.S. As for Sugarman, well, there's no one even close.

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Olive Beatrice said...

I actually think Owen Wilson might be able to pull off Thorn. It's also fun to think of who could play all of Thorn's beautiful love interests.