Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hell's Bay, How it Started (redux)

I went on a five day fishing expedition with Geoff Colmes, a great Keys guide. Go here for more on Geoff. He's got a very professional website.

Here are some shots from that week. Up top is a shot of some of the crew inside the Mothership's galley. Then my cabin which was sort of messy at that moment.

That's an 18' Action Craft, the yellow skiff drifting behind the Mothership. We also used a sixteen foot Hell's Bay Whipray, which is a great flats boat that can get into four or five inches of water. I don't know another flats boat that can beat it. You can learn more about them right here. I owned one for years along with my twenty Mako. Both terrific boats.

One day I caught a snook, a redfish and a tarpon within about a fifteen minute period back inside some very isolated lakes. Pretty good fifteen minutes. Though all the fish were a shall I say... puny, still, that was a blast. For a few golden moments, every cast got a different type of fish. Don't worry, all were released unharmed back into their paradise.

Tight quarters on the Mothership, but a great vessel. A remarkably shallow draft houseboat.

Another word about the crew--fantastic guides, superb cooks, great guys.

Late at night after a fine meal and too much wine we amused ourselves by telling stories. Out in that total darkness we got around to imagining what it would be like to be stranded out there--or worse. Out of cell phone range, the satellite phone stolen, the keys to the Mothership stolen--someone wishing to do us harm for some inexplicable reason.

That's how it started.


Anonymous said...

Mothership? Sounds like a pot smuggling operation! Where's Jimmy Buffet??

James W. Hall said...

I'm innocent, your honor.


Anonymous said...

The Everglades are one thing, but what about the mosquitos....the zillions of mosquitos that call the Glades home???
Is that why you're wearing the long sleeve gear in these fishing photos? Were you forced to shower with Off Repellent?
I remember a trip to a ranch near Lake Okeechobee one afternoon and the mosquitos were gross. The only way we could avoid them was to ride fast around the area on a four wheeler and then dash for the ranch house at journey's end.
What's the deal?

James W. Hall said...

I was wearing long sleeves because it was a rare cool snap.

Winter season means the squitters are napping, or something. But there were still a couple of nights around twilight that we got buzzed (by insects).

Steve said...

OK, so we've got Mothership, pot-smuggling, Jimmy Buffett and mosquitoes so far. I can see how Capt. Colmes fits into the story. ;-)