Monday, January 14, 2008

Sleazy Bad Guys

Okay, try this: Google Images for Sleazy Bad Guys (in quotes)...

I guess I should be honored.

So here's to some bad guys--villains. I've sometimes been praised for mine. I guess that's a good thing, though my mother thought otherwise.

With bad guys, it's easy to get silly.

I've read this novel, "No Country For Old Men" but haven't seen the movie yet. It looks good. This guy looks pretty creepy.

DiCaprio makes a great villain.

And then there are the guys who start out okay, until that babe comes along and holds out the apple...

A face only Mommy Gollum could love.

Just a little Novacaine?

He was just this quiet guy. He seemed so normal. Never bothered anyone.

Walken in True Romance plays one of the great bad guy scenes (a long one with Dennis Hopper) of all times.

Why is it that so many real bad guys are just, well, disappointing?

And then there's the spineless, whiny villain. So great in the Maltese Falcon.

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