Friday, January 11, 2008

Book Tour 08

I'm getting psyched for the book tour (my 15th)

It's always nice to visit with enthusiastic fans:

There's something about my work that attracts a certain kind of stud:

And there's always that one in the back row
of the bookstore. I can never tell
if it's a roar of approval or outrage.

This year I'm going to take a small video cam along on the tour and make a record of journey. So for those of you planning to come to an event, dress appropriately for the big screen.

One of the quirks of publishing success is the numbers game. Selling books quickly after the book is published (known as velocity) is more likely to register on Bestseller Lists than selling the same number of books over a longer period.

To sell books quickly you need fans who are lined up and eager, poised to race into the bookstore, or go online to snap up a dozen copies of Hell's Bay.

Unfortunately it has become increasingly clear that my fans (while highly dedicated) aren't really into velocity.

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