Monday, January 7, 2008

What Ever Happened To...

From the Washington Post:

"There was already a race for Brazilian ethanol, and President Bush's announcements gave more credibility to the process," said Roberto Rodrigues, former Brazilian agriculture minister, who formed the Interamerican Ethanol Commission with former Florida governor Jeb Bush in December.

I wonder if younger brother had any input with older brother about the decision to increase US use of ethanol? Another thing we'll never know.

Who exactly is Jeb working for now?

More from the Post:

U.S. companies and investors -- including George Soros and agribusiness giants Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill -- are staking out territory in Brazil, expecting even greater growth in biofuels.


Name ring a bell?

New Name for Cargill/IMC Company: Mosaic has been selected as the name for the new, publicly traded fertilizer company to be created through the combination of Cargill Crop Nutrition, a business unit of Cargill, Incorporated, and IMC Global Inc.

"We're choosing to call this combination of companies Mosaic because it best captures the rich legacies of both companies and communicates our vision," said Fritz Corrigan, Cargill executive vice president, who will leave Cargill to become president and chief executive officer of Mosaic. "This new name and logo brings to life our role as the world's preeminent provider of crop nutrients."

Rich legacies? Yeah, well, somebody got rich. After years of playing footsie with Big Phosphate, Jeb cashes in. Ho-hum. Who would've thought otherwise?

Cargill is an enormous and powerful family owned company. Not unlike the fictional Bates International which plays a fairly large role in Hell's Bay.

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