Saturday, January 19, 2008

A political moment

Been thinking a lot about politics lately. All the turmoil and anger and divisiveness of the last seven to eight years (starting with the Hanging Chad period). Until now mean-spirited, pissed off debates about issues are the norm.

Not since the Viet Nam era can I remember a time when people were so angry, and so extreme and intransigent in their political positions. The uniter turned out to be a divider. And now we have to figure out a way to fix a whole long list of problems that the next Prez will inherit.

Big problems, very big.

A lot of what George Herbert says in this piece from the New York Times, makes sense to me, especially the Manhattan Project idea, and dedicating ourselves to rebuilding infrastructure.

It's nothing new, of course, for image makers to demean and diminish and ridicule the best among us, cutting our leaders or potential leaders down to size.

Is this what W meant when he promised he'd jawbone the Saudis when necessary? Apparently.

Makes me want to get back to good old Thorn, who has no TV, no Internet, and lives in cultural isolation next to his version of Walden Pond.

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